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    MYSQL - CREATE command denied to user

    Hey guys, I created a remote mysql base on tutorial here . However I failed to create tables fro...
    1 By Felice MySQL MariaDB PHP
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    Redirect From HTTP to HTTPS

    Hey, I recently installed Lets Encrypt SSL, its successful however it wont redirect whenever its on http. So how to redirect all to https?? Here method I already tried but it seems wont working: 1 .htaccess RewriteEng...
    4 By Felice Applications Let's Encrypt PHP
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    How to use subdomain in the same server

    For example -> ipserver -> ipserver -> ipserver so obviously each of the submain having different apllication.. Im using apache.
    1 By Felice Apache DNS
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    How I transfer local files using Putty to my remote server?

    you can use VSFTP or FTP, or simplest way by using SCP. This will directly copy file from localhost to server
    By Felice
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    Pay Droplet for 1 year instead of hourly or monthly

    Hey, Can I pay my droplets for 1 year? Instead of using top up method
    2 By Felice DigitalOcean Billing