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    Load Balancer not forwarding to kubernetes service on nodePort.

    Hi there, I run a kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean. I created a service, which is exposed via type nodePort. I can access the service in my browser if I enter http://PublicNodeIp:31433. Now I want to use a DigitalO...
    3 By feluxe Kubernetes Load Balancing CoreOS
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    Is it possible to clone a block storage device? E.g from a snapshot?

    Hi there, I was wondering if there is an easy way to create a clone / duplicate of a block storage device?
    Accepted Answer: Yes. You can take snapshot of a block volume, and then create a new volume from that snapshot. ( It's under Images->Snapshots->Volumes ). That new volume will contain the same data content as the original volume at ...
    1 By feluxe Block Storage CoreOS