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    ssh login key question ..............

    So, I add ssh key, good. I can log in through ssh @root without password, great. I keep reading about disabling root login for security, is this if you were not to set up an ssh key.? If i disable root login, then ...
    1 By finguanzo Security CentOS
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    ServerPilot vs. my own setup questions

    So, Im a beginner at server side things, not doing/hosting anything serious, just learning... I recently setup a digital ocean droplet myself with Centos, Lamp, firewalld, fail2ban, postfix.. I also set up a drople...
    1 By finguanzo Apache LAMP Stack CentOS
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    Email question from complete beginner..

    dns in case that has something to do with it..... A: @ / IP ADDRESS CNAME: www / MX: …
    By finguanzo
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    Email question from complete beginner..

    Hello all, Before I begin, let me tell you that Im a complete beginner with linux server side stuff.. I was curious about how it all works, so I got space here so I can play and maybe learn a bit. Now, I followed all...
    1 By finguanzo Email