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    Error “useradd: group '100' does not exist”

    I get the above mentioned error when I try to add a user. By trying sudo useradd -u 1200 -g test -c 'studente' student or sudo useradd anyuser I get useradd: group '100' does not exist useradd: the GROUP= configu...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @fkutev22, It seems like you've removed the necessary group. Having said that without providing the necessary Operating System - Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora etc. Most probably it's groupadd -g 100 users but before you ...
    1 By fkutev22 Linux Commands Linux Basics
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    How to copy folder structure

    I want to recreate my folder structure without copying the current files in the folder. Is this possible with somesort of a command or should I do it manually folder by folder?
    2 By fkutev22 Linux Commands Linux Basics Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to create an HTML element that's always on screen

    I'm trying to create an HTML, maybe a div to behave like the following: Resize automatically his height to be 100% based on your window Adjust it's width to maintain constant proportions - example width would be alway...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @fkutev22, I'm not really into plain JavaScript so I'll give you an example using jQuery. ``` $(window).resize(function(){ $('#resizeWindow').width($('#resizeWindow').height()*4/5); }); $(window).trigger('resiz...
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