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    SSL certificate sometimes not working

    I have an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt. My website successfully uses HTTPS with it. However, at random intervals this suddenly stops working. I get a Common Name mismatch error. It then just as suddenly starts wor...
    1 By floriandietz44 Nginx
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    Connections *sometimes* take far too long

    I just noticed: sometimes when I try to access the Docker registry, it won’t even connect at all: ‘request canceled while waiting …
    By floriandietz44
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    Connections *sometimes* take far too long

    I run a Droplet with Ubuntu 17.10. My Droplet is a server using Nginx. Independently of this, it also hosts a Docker registry on another port. The website exposed by Nginx works fine most of the time and loads quickly...
    1 By floriandietz44 Nginx Docker Networking Ubuntu