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    Authenticity of Host Can't Be Established

    No concern at all this is normal behaviour.
    By forcer
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    Optimisation tips?

    Does anyone have any optimisation tips/tutorials for VPS droplets.. i'm running the smallest package at the minute, setup a really simple page that should load instantly, but there is a very slight delay. I'm running ...
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    Write failed: Broken pipe

    I'm getting this quite often within Terminal on OSX, then it kicks me off the server, and i need to login again... i think it's probably the timeout, but it' happens really quick is there any way i can increase it?
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    using RSSH to restrict shell access to SFTP account..

    I'm trying to create an account that doesn't have shell access to the server and can be used solely for transferring files via ftp. I've been in chat and they recommended RSSH... i've installed this and ran the follow...
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    Confused over billing..

    Hi, a quick question about billing.. the FAQ doesn't make sense to me. At first look i can see its $5/month for the first plan and thats that! This is what the FAQ says re billing: There is no difference between month...
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