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    MySQLTuner / Adding it on Ubuntu / Nginx

    Hello, How to add MySQLTuner Recommendation / Variable value on our Nginx? I have open /etc/mysql/my.cnf And have added this : querycachetype= 1 tmptablesize = 16M maxheaptable_size= 16M But it show error to start ser...
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    Can't Connect to phpMyadmin On Ubuntu 16.04 / Nginx / HTTPS

    Hello Digital Oceans, May i know why i can't access my phpmyadmin on Nginx and Ubuntu 16.04? I have following all of the tutorial, but the page can't be reach. ``` server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; root /var/www/xyz...
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    Cannot connect to Jetpack ( SIte Inaccessible )

    Hey Guys, My name is Frans W. I am a newbie here. I have issued after i followed the tutorial. Finally, i have reached the wordpress now. But while i want to install Jetpack, there are any issue blocked me. I can inst...
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    my vps wordpress ubuntu can not edit widget

    What is the bug for that? And how to fix it with Ubuntu? Thank you, Frans W
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    The Different between Root at Listen 80 and Listen 443

    Hello Guys, May i know what is the different between both of root at Listen 80 and Listen 443? I have problem with access my HTTPS site. I got Error 404 if i set my 443 to On. My page is secure and the CA is active. (...
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    Step by step for using Ubuntu for wordpress site

    Hello .. My name is Frans .. I am so confusing about the articles .. Because there are so many artciles and i don't know which must i do first .. I just want to know step by step .. 1 -> End .. I just want to use Digi...
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    Different between Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04

    Hello guys, May i know what is the different between Ubuntu 14.04 dan 16.04. Thank you, Frans W
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    Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 16.04 Step 4.

    Hello, Some can teach me about Step 4? I don't understand about Local Machine and how to get / access it. i have trying with my local folder. But it doens't work. Thank you, Frans
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    Why i can't type anything on Command Line while my cursor at Password?

    Hello, My name is Frans. I am new on Digital Ocean. I want to learn something about uBuntu. I have an issue with the PuTTY Command Line. I can't type and stopped at Password Line. Any advice for that? Thank you, Frans W
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