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    Crontab not working or shell scripts wrong setup?

    Hello! I tried to setup a cronjob with crontab to run a shell script every 10 minute. But it´s not working. The Shell Script file: " !/bin/bash Remove Files rm -f /var/log/messages " The Crontab -E Config file: " */10...
    2 By fredrikwirth
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    Openvpn Server connection problem?

    It worked when i run the Openvpn-Gui as Admin. Thanks!
    By fredrikwirth
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    Openvpn Server connection problem?

    Hello, I have setup a Openvpn server when i connect to it thru Openvpn GUI(on windows computer) it connect to vpn,authenticate and then it says connected but the address is not the remote address of my server instead...
    7 By fredrikwirth