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    "Connection: Keep-Alive" header required for Spaces

    I've tried to GET one of my files and the return header is currently the following: Connection => close My application requires this to be Keep-Alive, I couldn't find any information about adding this header to Digita...
    1 By frizurd Nginx DigitalOcean Ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04
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    20% / 45% CPU load every time I refresh my homepage, is it normal?

    Hey guys, My CPU load is very high, resulting in me unable to login via ssh or accessing my website (long loading or time out). Im running nginx 1.4 and php5-fpm on ubuntu 14, on a 1 core / 1gb droplet. I'm running 4 ...
    4 By frizurd Nginx Server Optimization Configuration Management Ubuntu