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    App platform: Node connection to managed Redis fails

    I'm trying to set up an example app with a Node.js Express server, a managed DO Redis db, and a Node.js worker. I'm using the server.js (
    1 By fsduncan DigitalOcean App Platform Redis Node.js Docker
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    How do I call a long-running script on DigitalOcean App Platform?

    (I'm using BitBucket so I have to containerize everything, rather an using git repos and Procfiles.) I've made a Docker image that runs a simple HTTP server ("api-server") and another that has a long-running script (...
    Accepted Answer: There’s no way for any part of the app to directly send information to the worker, so the worker process should continuously poll some kind of job queue from a database, and process jobs one by one. Does that sound co...
    2 By fsduncan DigitalOcean App Platform API Docker