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    Clear guide on Outbound network through Floating IP

    Thanks for clarifying that, I was still searching how to do it, will stop and look for alternative solutions somewhere else. Thanks…
    By fush
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    Clear guide on Outbound network through Floating IP

    Hi, I spent half a day trying to figure out how to use a floating IP for outbound traffic, I began having nightmares with such a bad time I am having, there is no single guide with clear documentation on how to use th...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there! I'm sorry to hear this has been such a bad experience. The reason that it appears this documentation is lacking is that outbound traffic through a floating IP isn't technically supported on our services. Th...
    2 By fush Networking DigitalOcean Droplets
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    Does DO have a misconfiguration on Cloudflare?

    Hi, I am receiving a 429 HTTP error code (TooManyRequests) using DO API, it was strange to me, I don't use the API up to the point of draining 5000 requests in one hour, but it does not matter, I regenerated an Api Ke...
    1 By fush DigitalOcean Droplets API