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    Something is going on in my droplet...

    To start, I am sorry for such title that doesn't give any information about the problem. I was checking a site on one of my droplets and couldn't login to wordpress and cvplab. Then I logged in using Putty and updated...
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    Cronjob Not Running on Ubuntu Server

    Hello everyone, My cronjob is not working, I have this line in the end of "/tmp/crontab.QwCzqK/crontab" file: 0 4 * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/ But it is not working. I should have it lis...
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    Wordpress Registration Email Not Sending

    Problem solved. Thanks.
    By fvin
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    Wordpress Registration Email Not Sending

    Hello everyone. I opened registration to visitors in one of my wordpress websites and registration is not working properly. I just tried "Lost Password?" function and it gave me this error: "The e-mail could not be se...
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