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    App Platform Deploy Error: Health Checks, DeployContainerHealthChecksFailed

    After deploying my NestJS api service, it started properly as seen on this screenshot of the deployment logs ( But everytime, the health checks fails, which inhibits me from deploying. I ...
    Accepted Answer: @gabrielbottari 👋 Thanks for sharing the open source project and config. I forked the project and deployed it via the .do/app.yaml. I hit the same failing health checks error that you described. The problem is a subtl...
    2 By gabrielbottari DigitalOcean App Platform Deployment Node.js
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    Using App Platform database env variables

    As I was looking into the environment variables documentation ( for App Platform, I could not understand wh...
    Accepted Answer: @gabrielbottari 👋 The bindable variables ( are meant to be used directly in the va...
    1 By gabrielbottari Node.js DigitalOcean App Platform Databases