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    http > https redirect

    Thanks for the help. So I’ve looked for httpd.conf file, I cannot find it. the only conf file referenced in apache is 000-defaul…
    By garfield1979
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    http > https redirect

    Hello, I set up a new droplet with the wordpress default, I also enabled ssl with the certbot, i asked for the cert bot to configure a forward of http to https, but it didn't work for me. I've tried adding the permane...
    2 By garfield1979 Apache
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    Adding Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate from Security tab did not work

    I added a Let's Encrypt SSL through the security tab but from what I can tell, the server doesn't seem like it's open to communication on port 443. I did: sudo apache2ctl -S this was the response: AH00558: apache2: Co...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @garfield1979 Could you please let me know if you've followed our tutorial for installing LE SSL - What'...
    3 By garfield1979 Let's Encrypt
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    Problem with NGINX config file root location

    Hello, I'm having an issue with getting nginx to display my site after installing a certificate. I've referenced the original location where the site files are within the root parameter in the file but i'm still getti...
    2 By garfield1979 Nginx Ubuntu 16.04