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    Static site with Wordpress site in subdirectory inside it. Is it possible?

    Hi everybody, I have a droplet created manually with 3 static sites and I'm going to create a new one with one click install Wordpress. Current one is with ubuntu 16.04 LEMP stack and had some conflict issues with m...
    Accepted Answer: Yes, it is definitely possible! The Wordpress One-Click uses Apache which does not need any additional configs. Follow WordPress's tutorial on moving a root install to its own directory (
    1 By georgetour Apache WordPress LAMP Stack DigitalOcean 1-Click Apps Marketplace Ubuntu
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    PHP mail function send mails only to Zoho

    I think I made it working.Just added the yahoo MX record and a mail A record for domain.
    By georgetour
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    PHP mail function send mails only to Zoho

    Hi everybody. I have two sites in my droplet that have MX records for zoho mail and have configured postfix according to this video : ...
    1 By georgetour Email Ubuntu 16.04