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    Varnish cache setup in a multiserver env

    Hello. I'm currently running 3 droplets with a Load Balancer ahead of them, a separate Redis droplet, a Mysql Cluster, an Elasticsearch droplet and a Spaces CDN. I'm runing Laravel btw. I haven't tried Varnish Cache b...
    0 By geowrge Caching Server Optimization
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    WIKI: How to add a second domain in Ubuntu 14.04 Droplet?

    Or the simple way: Add the mysite.conf file to apache2/available . Note: the conf should include the url to your website & the…
    By geowrge
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    How can I receive mail on a droplet?

    I use the free plan from zoho mail. You just need to set up your users and put the mx records on your server. Easy to configure. :)…
    By geowrge