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    Best way to upgrade/migrate a droplet while minimizing outage?

    I have a droplet running a LAMP stack that is getting a bit out of date (running Ubuntu 16.04). I want to move the whole thing to more recent versions of everything (Ubuntu 18.04, and application software). I don't ex...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @gimpforum, Your decision seems to be the best one. It's what I would do in such a situation. Now let's get onto your questions. PTR PTR is pretty important when sending out messages. It confirms your server as a l...
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    Network usage metering

    OK, great :)
    By gimpforum
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    Network usage metering

    Is there a way to obtain the cumulated network usage for a droplet? What happens when we hit the limit allocated to the droplet?
    Accepted Answer: Not currently. For this reason we are also not yet charging for bandwidth overage making droplets effectively un-metered. Before this changes we will reach out to all users so nobody is surprised but currently the l...
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