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    Doubt with the NS and the signaling in the domains

    In services such as hostinger and other companies it is possible to point a domain purchased in another registrar only using the addresses of their servers, is this possible in digitalocean ?, that is, if I create a v...
    1 By gjavila1995 Deployment Development Ubuntu Debian
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    How to add just a subdomain on a new droplet?

    1) Go to the domain controller of the control panel and create an A record 2) If you are using apache, create a vhost for that sub…
    By gjavila1995
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    Any idea how to add domains dynamically on demand?

    Hello, good morning, I am looking for a service in which, when a customer makes a payment, their domain is purchased and installed directly in the system, until here everything is fine, using apache wildcards I manage...
    1 By gjavila1995 Apache Configuration Management DNS Deployment Ubuntu Debian