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    CPU Usage and memory limit

    The problem is that i can’t find what is making our server max out processor. we have a simple wordpress and teamspeak
    By glynandrew
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    Teamspeak 3 Server Max Recommended clients

    I have a $10 vps with teamspeak and a simple wordpress install… I am maxed out CPU and RAM for no reason… only things running o…
    By glynandrew
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    403 forbidden after wordpress install

    I followed this tutorial to the letter. ==== Everything went fine until the last step. after following the instructions i deci...
    1 By glynandrew WordPress Apache Getting Started LAMP Stack Ubuntu
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    Setup Teamspeak Server Ubuntu 15.04

    quick question.... i followed everything you said and got to the end… after having to add lines to the sources for the libmariadb…
    By glynandrew