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    Wildly different network speed tests

    Did speed test on my 2 droplets, which are in the same location (LON1). I get wildly different results. Why? 1st droplet: Retrieving server list... Selecting best server based on ping... Hosted by Struc...
    2 By GodAtum Networking
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    Digital Ocean firewall on private network?

    Does the firewall affect private networking, or only the droplets public network?
    2 By GodAtum DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls
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    Connecting Spaces to my Plex server

    Yeah it was easier to use block storage, but more pricey though
    By GodAtum
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    Droplet passmark score

    I am planning to install Plex on a $10 droplet. It is recommended to have a CPU passmark score of 12000. What scores do the droplets have?
    1 By GodAtum Getting Started Ubuntu 16.04
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    Connecting Spaces to my Plex server

    How do I connect a Spaces account to my Plex server. For spaces, there is a URL: I guess I need to mount it somehow to my Plex server? My Plex is running in a Docker container o...
    Accepted Answer: You could mount your Space as a directory using s3fs, see However, for this specific use case it's recommended to use Block Storage instead.
    2 By GodAtum Storage Getting Started Ubuntu 16.04