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    I have run docker compose ps.

    Hi there, I am at my last stages to launch ODK Central. i ran docker compose ps. to get container log state. this has taken more than 2 hours so far. do i need to re-start a new droplet again? see the attachment
    1 By godfreyeretu Docker
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    Password unable to type in

    Dear All, Sorry to keep coming again and again. I have run docker-compose build and it can’t find a .yml or a .yam1 file. i need a …
    By godfreyeretu
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    Password unable to type in

    Dear All i am new user to Digital Oceans, but at least i have manage to setup the droplets, my challenge is Launching. I got the email and password but i can only type in user name roots and not the password. Any help
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @godfreyeretu Did you setup your <^>ssh keys<^> when you were creating the droplets? I assume you have Password Authentication disabled and that's why you don't get a password prompt when you try to login. Ano...
    3 By godfreyeretu DigitalOcean Accounts