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    Switching from a LAMP to LEMP stack

    I've got a lamp 16.04 what's the best way to switch it to the lemp 18.04 stack with minimal effort? Was just going to install nginx but the turotial on DO is many years out of date so not that helpful for me Thanks
    1 By Greenspark Apache Nginx Ubuntu 18.04
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    Memory usage is constantly between 50-60%, is this a concern?

    Hello, My message board is constantly using 50-60% of the Ram, regardless of if there is 30 or 200 people online. Is this a concern for if a spike happens? Or is it like windows where the server will store stuff in RA...
    1 By Greenspark Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04
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    change existing droplet to host two wordpress sites

    Hello, I've got my existing wordpress all setup and working right. Now I want to host another on the same droplet. Theres guides how to do this starting from scratch, but if I want to do this for an existing site do I...
    1 By Greenspark WordPress Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to tell when you need to upgrade droplet to larger size?

    My wordpress and lamp site is getting 50 users within a 15-minute interval at peak times. CPU usage spikes at 2.5% and it still seams pretty quick. How do I tell if I need to resize the droplet? And if I need more ram...
    1 By Greenspark Applications Ubuntu 16.04
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    Setting up firewall for wordpress and forum

    hello, I used the oneclick lamp then installed my forum xeonforo and wordpress. I've enable the firewall with the default 4 rules and adding the https rule and it all works fine. But is this enough? I notice the one c...
    1 By Greenspark LAMP Stack WordPress Ubuntu 16.04