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    Droplet down due to backup?

    My droplet is down for almost an hour now and apparently a backup event is running but it seems stuck. I can't connect to SSH or do anything. Is there any other way to stop this nightmare and restart my server?
    1 By greg1046793 Backups DigitalOcean System Tools Configuration Management
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    How to improve Server response time ?

    As mentionned in my post, we’re talking from less than 200ms to an average of 600ms with DO in AMS3 for Google crawls. Google page…
    By greg1046793
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    How to improve Server response time ?

    Since I switched to DO (AMS3) for my 8GB Droplet, the server response time is up to 3 times higher than it was with my previous hosting company. Worst, in Google Webmaster Tools, I see that now Google takes between 50...
    3 By greg1046793 Applications CMS Joomla MySQL Server Optimization Networking Ubuntu
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    Time to first byte/wait time high

    Hi, I migrated a site that was previously hosted elsewhere to a 4 CPU droplet. The wait time more than doubled here on a droplet. The site is slower to browse, it's even obvious for a human being, even though I use a...
    3 By greg1046793 Server Optimization MySQL
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    What is the DO typical support response time?

    I am looking for a new host for a dozen domains (like $300 in Droplets) and DO looks good. But, there is no phone support and I wonder what the typical response time is? I've read a few horror stories in the community...
    7 By greg1046793