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    Connecting via PHP to your DigitalOcean space

    I tried to follow a couple of tutorials, but so far I got nowhere. I set-up an additional space, where overnight I transfer the images to that space. So when I want to delete a file on that space, I need to be able to...
    1 By gschnieders PHP DigitalOcean Spaces
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    IP address of droplet still points to removed virtual host file.

    The IP address of my droplet still points to a domain (was a redirection), I already removed (a couple of days ago) that .conf file. I reloaded and restarted the apache2 service, but still my IP points to that certain...
    2 By gschnieders DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
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    I can't login on my droplet, already tried to reset my root pasword.

    Hi, I tried to login into my droplet with my root credentials, but it still keeps asking my password. So I tried to reset my root password (recieved the recovery 'mail'), but it still keeps prompting asking my login. ...
    3 By gschnieders DigitalOcean Ubuntu