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    set root password in sshd_config file

    Hi, i need to enable root ask for password when connecting through ssh, but when i add the line: passwd root in sshd_config file and restart the service it fails. The error message points to that line. I've also set P...
    1 By guillegallo88 Linux Basics Ubuntu 16.04
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    root user and sshkeys with putty

    Hi, i want to know if the root user must use the same sshkey files every time he want to access to the droplet through ssh. I'm asking this because i'm the root user and i'm not in my home now (where i created the ssh...
    1 By guillegallo88 Logging Ubuntu
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    cannot access through ssh neither droplet console

    I've gone through all of this article: And i still have the same issues, also now i can't even paste the ...
    3 By guillegallo88 DigitalOcean Ubuntu