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    I/O errors

    My Ubuntu 12.10 instance failed with the following errors. According to DO support, it is an issue with my VM, not the host. Did anyone else experience this? I think it is a bit dodgy, as it was quite a vanilla instal...
    3 By gwillem
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    How do I set up reverse DNS for my IP?

    This doesn’t seem to work. <br> <br>willem@navelpluis:~$ host <br>Host not found: 3(NX…
    By gwillem
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    DDoS counter policy & measures

    Hi! I wonder what your policy is with regard to incoming DDoS network attacks? Will you try to filter the traffic based on heuristics, or just null route the affected dest IP(s)? What happens to my network traffic bi...
    5 By gwillem