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    The $15 Droplet Outbound Data Transfer is less than 3TB

    I've read some question's answers and I think I understood the Outbound data transfer, But in my account it's less than 3TB (0.59 GB used of 1893 GB) .. What I missed? Thanks
    Accepted Answer: Hi @HadyShaltout, The fact that the Droplet was only created yesterday likely explains why you're only seeing limited bandwidth available for it this month. A $15 Droplet has 3TB of outbound bandwidth in a full month,...
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    WordPress Display FTP Credentials and FileZilla Cannot Retrieve Directories

    Hi There! I installed my system like you explain in your documentation and this is my system. Ubuntu 16.04 Using SSL through LetsEncrypt module ProFTPD module Main Main Domain is a WordPress I know there're a lot su...
    0 By HadyShaltout Apache Configuration Management Control Panels Let's Encrypt WordPress Ubuntu 16.04
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    Cannot login to my DigitalOcean's accout

    I cannot login to my account the login page loading and request from [ ] forever, my websites very slow and pictures don't load i want to restart my droplet and pay for it...
    2 By HadyShaltout DigitalOcean Nginx Apache