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    Do i need to be an expert on security to have a secure Online Store in my droplet?

    I have a big question about security and its requirements. I have a client who needs an online store with Stripe payment processing and I am concerned about hosting their website here or with another company that offe...
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    Is litespeed server completely free?

    Somewhere I read that LiteSpeed Server is completely free and that it can be used freely for wordpress installations, in another place I read that it is free up to a certain amount of RAM and Cores and yesterday in a ...
    2 By hcmendez OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    Conflicting server name "" on, ignored NGINX error log Ubuntu 20.04

    Hello, when I check the nginx error log I notice that alert and I don't know why, I cannot access my website from http or https, my DNS in cloudflare are: A - - MY IP CNAME - www - The 4 l...
    1 By hcmendez Nginx
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    How to correctly set up DNS records in Cloudflare?

    Hi, I want you to help me please, I have a problem with Cloudflare and its DNS records, I don't really understand which ones to use and how to configure them. I have my server on a droplet, my domain is on Godaddy, an...
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    How can i fix NGINX Wordpress not sending emails?

    Hello, i just installed wordpress on VPS following your tutorials and now i don't know how to configure it to be able to send emails from wordpress. I tested it with Check Email plugin and nothing. Do i need a separat...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @hcmendez, WordPress cannot send emails by itself. It has to rely on an email server to do the job. You can set up an SMTP email server or use a third-party service. Generally, you will install a WordPress plugin a...
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    How to hide .user.ini in my NGINX server to use Wordfence in Wordpress?

    Hello, i just got a fresh install of wordpress and i installed Wordfence and it recommends me to hide user.ini because is public and anybody can have access to it. Link to the screenshot of wordfence (
    1 By hcmendez WordPress Nginx Security