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    How many times can I get $25 referal from the same person?

    I was wondering how many times can I get the $25 from a single referal person. Let's say, my referal spend $25 after the $100 credits, than he spends $50. Will I have $25 each time they spend $25 or it's just one time...
    2 By henrymendeez Payments
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    What happens when the $100 credit expires?

    I would like to know what happens after the 60 Days of credit. I have paid the initial $5 and I want to know if after the credit expires will I still have the $5 on my account credit.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @henrymendeez I believe that this question was previously asked in our community: I will put the answer provided by jarland here ...
    1 By henrymendeez Billing DigitalOcean Accounts
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    Unable to renew SSL Certificate

    Hello, I just want to renew my certificate because it has expired and my website shows an 526 error. I have used the command: sudo certbot renew and give this error: ``` Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/let...
    1 By henrymendeez Ubuntu 20.04
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    Cyberpanel One-Click vs OpenLiteSpeed One-Click

    Hello, I wanted to ask you about this two products on marketplace. I know the are based on the same web server and one is easier than the other. But: How much resources consume each? Can I run Cyberpanel for 2 or 3 m...
    1 By henrymendeez OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click WordPress
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    How to hide .user.ini in my OpenLiteSpeed server to use Wordfence in Wordpress?

    It worked! Now I don’t have that notification anymore. Thanks.
    By henrymendeez
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    Two Wordpress sites in one OpenLiteSpeed one click droplet.

    Hello, can I create two Wordpress sites in the same OLS droplet? The traffic for this websites will be low so I want to have the websites in the same droplet. I have seen tutoriales but with NGINX and Apache. How can ...
    1 By henrymendeez WordPress OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click
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    How to hide .user.ini in my OpenLiteSpeed server to use Wordfence in Wordpress?

    Hello, i just got a fresh install of WordPress with the one click install from the marketplace and I installed Wordfence and it recommends me to hide user.ini because is public and anybody can have access to it.
    Accepted Answer: Hi, Method 1: If you don't need the user.ini/.user.ini file, can simply remove the file. Method 2: Use the rewrite rule to block any file with extension .ini and .log, RewriteRule ^.*\.(log|ini)$ - [F,L] Reload th...
    2 By henrymendeez WordPress OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click