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    "Node Rebooting", what happens to the floating IP?

    In the event DO has to reboot the node due to physical node issues... what happends to the Floating IP assigned to that droplet? thanks for the assist.
    Accepted Answer: During the reboot it would be inaccessible just as it would when you reboot your droplet itself. When the node comes back up the Floating IP should again work normally.
    1 By hi326 System Tools Getting Started DigitalOcean
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    how to create automatic failover on 8-nodes (4 stacks) across 2 datacenters ? SFO & NYC

    i have HAproxy & Keepalived currently. Using the DO featured floating IP only helps with 2 stacks in the same datacenter. Cloudflare Doesn't automatically failover, half of users will be without service if i use seve...
    1 By hi326 High Availability Networking Ubuntu