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    Connection with flask time out after few refresh

    Hello I've a few sites over a Plesk server running on Flask but every time i make a few refresh the system collapse and stop accessing and then is impossible to access to the website
    0 By hidura Python Python Frameworks Applications Ubuntu 18.04
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    Problems with mongodb and flask

    Hello I am having problems with my mongo instance that always give me this error after a leave the system up for a few moments: pymongo.errors.AutoReconnect pymongo.errors.AutoReconnect: [WinErro...
    1 By hidura Python Frameworks MongoDB Ubuntu 18.04
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    My PostgreSQL close unexpectedly the connection

    Hello I've a PostgreSQL server which is presenting a problem that always says the server close the connection unexpectedly, how can I fix this? I am using flask This is the error: sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (psy...
    3 By hidura PostgreSQL Server Optimization Ubuntu 18.04
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    Git unable to access from my droplet

    Yes, is the only answer I get from the server
    By hidura
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    Git unable to access from my droplet

    Hello I am facing problems to clone from my gitlab droplet to my droplet where i' ve Apache, the problem is that is just with between those server that I've problem, because I can clone from my machine. This is the er...
    2 By hidura Git Ubuntu 18.04