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    How to setup a file download on a VPS

    What's the easiest way I can setup a file sharing service where users can download files from my VPS with a link that I can put on my website?
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    I installed wordpress one click install, when I changed the address it cant connect anymore

    Hi, so I installed wordpress one click install. I changed the url from wordpress url they give you to Once I hit save it is now saying it cant connect because of a DNS problem. I'm pre...
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    How to create a TS3 server on Ubuntu?

    Hi, so I've tried following the instructions I've gotten from YouTube videos to no avail. Can someone help me please?
    1 By HighlyAdaptive DigitalOcean Server Optimization
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    How do I transfer my files to my server?

    Hi, so I just created my apache server and am wondering how do I get my files to the server?
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    How easy is it to setup a web server on a VPS?

    Ok, I see. How much RAM would a web server need? Also which operating system is linux exactly, Debian or Ubuntu?
    By HighlyAdaptive
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    How easy is it to setup a web server on a VPS?

    Hello, I am a amateur web coder and I need to setup a web server to test my code as my laptop cannot handle a server. I was just inquiring as to how hard it is to actually setup a server on a VPS as I've never used on...
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