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    Why wont images on my website display.

    this is what filezilla says is the remote site /var/www/html/MyOnlineStore MyOnlineStore is the folder where all my files are at.....
    By hjgarza
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    Is there something wrong with my syntax?

    Below is my script to create a table. I keep getting a syntax error. CREATE TABLE products ( id int(11) NOT NULL autoincrement, productname varchar(255) NOT NULL, pri...
    2 By hjgarza
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    Where do i place web files?

    if i want to display php files and have already configured my server to do so(ubuntu 14.04), do i need to place files in the html folder?
    3 By hjgarza
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    Why wont images on my website display.

    Hello, I installed Apache on an Ubuntu server 14.04 and used FileZila to transfer files for my website. But, the images will not display. I have had this issue in the past and a buddy of me of a command that I need to...
    1 By hjgarza