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    Any update on CNAME usage with Spaces?

    Any update on this? cc @ryanpq @johngannon @jarland @kamaln7
    By hmaesta
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    Why can I use "http://localhost:PORT" with CORS in Spaces?

    CORS options are now available thru DigitalOcean Dashboard. If you are facing this problem: Go to https://cloud.digitalocean…
    By hmaesta
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    Get private file on DigitalOcean Spaces

    I am using Digital Ocean Spaces to host some video classes. Files are private because I don't want to anyone directly access them. I found this answer ( with the code I nee...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there So I took a look at the S3 client we are using in our application, turns out if you dive deeper into the source code you can specific an endpoint, so sure: you can keep using your sdk. Only difference howeve...
    1 By hmaesta PHP