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    Nginx does not display uploaded images on my site

    @Dandi1 you simply need to download pillow. You could do that via pip if you are using django
    By iknwosu3
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    All javascript and jquery elements stopped working

    Hey I was just wondering, is there a way to disable javascript and jquery elements from working??...Because i think i just might have accidentally done that. my java script and jquery elements stopped working a day ag...
    1 By iknwosu3 JavaScript Django Python Ubuntu 16.04
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    Nginx does not display uploaded images on my site

    Greetings, fellow humans I have been on this issue for a couple days and would really appreciate some help. So I successfully deployed my app and everything works fine including css and the javascript except for this ...
    3 By iknwosu3 Nginx Python Django Ubuntu 16.04
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    Server error during upload(500)

    Hello fellow humans. I finally deployed my app after following the tutorial how-to-set-up-django-with-postgres-nginx-and-gunicorn-on-ubuntu-16-04 but when i try to upload a file on the site as a user, i get server er...
    4 By iknwosu3 Django Storage DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
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    Web content not showing

    Greetings. I am following the tutotrial how-to-set-up-django-with-postgres-nginx-and-gunicorn-on-ubuntu-16-04 and its great. I uploaded my project files and ran the development server ( runserver ) it worked ...
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    gunicorn not starting

    hello everyone. not sure why but i get a 502 gateway nginx 1.10 error when i go to my ip. i just uploaded my files to home/django/django_project. i am guessing the problem is from gunicorn because nothing happens when...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @iknwosu3 Correct, the problem is somewhere in Gunicorn, so we're not going to get much from Nginx. Make sure you've activated error logging: Depending on ...
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