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    Understanding Load Balancer limits with graphql / websocket subscriptions

    I have kubernetes cluster set up that hosts graphql api server ( This cluster is exposed to "the world" via digital ocean's load balancer service. After reading through load balanc...
    1 By IljaAsimetriq Load Balancing Kubernetes
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    Unable to figure out how to put load balancer's IP under https

    So I was playing with load balancers today, I created one through kubernetes config shown further down. This Load Balancer works correctly, I can access my kubernetes cluster, however I can only do so via http://[my-l...
    0 By IljaAsimetriq Load Balancing Security
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    Understanding Kubernetes Clusters, Pools and Droplets

    I've set up managed PostgreSQL database alongside a managed Kubernetes that has 1 pool with one node. While setting up PostgreSQL I was asked to add resources that can connect to it, I was given option to add my pool ...
    1 By IljaAsimetriq Kubernetes DigitalOcean