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    What cloudflare settings does App Platform use?

    I was testing my rest api deployed to app platform and noticed that after spamming requests quickly one after another my response times increased i.e. 200ms, 400ms, 2s, 3s and stayed at 3s afterwards. After waiting fo...
    0 By IljaAsimetriq DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Understanding Load Balancer limits with graphql / websocket subscriptions

    I have kubernetes cluster set up that hosts graphql api server ( This cluster is exposed to "the world" via digital ocean's load balancer service. After reading through load balanc...
    1 By IljaAsimetriq Load Balancing Kubernetes
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    Unable to figure out how to put load balancer's IP under https

    So I was playing with load balancers today, I created one through kubernetes config shown further down. This Load Balancer works correctly, I can access my kubernetes cluster, however I can only do so via http://[my-l...
    0 By IljaAsimetriq Load Balancing Security
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    Understanding Kubernetes Clusters, Pools and Droplets

    I've set up managed PostgreSQL database alongside a managed Kubernetes that has 1 pool with one node. While setting up PostgreSQL I was asked to add resources that can connect to it, I was given option to add my pool ...
    1 By IljaAsimetriq Kubernetes DigitalOcean