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    Unable to migrate from mysql 5.7 to MariaDB 10.3 with WHM CPANEL

    Hello, i just purchased a new droplet in DG with WHM cpanel and imported several accounts from an other vps hosted by an other provider, i used the transfer tool, and all is working as it should be, but probably i ...
    2 By imuriel MariaDB
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    about mysql on my droplet

    hi im pretty new on web devolpment and i have red the mysql policies, and found taht actually mysql is not free at least before the 5.7 version, but in my droplet i have a mariadb with version 10..0.37, so can i have ...
    1 By imuriel MySQL
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    accesing to my gunicorn console

    Hi, i have a running python + flask app runing in my digital ocean droplet, and it is running with ngninx and gunicorn, and so if i start my app, i can see my "gunicorn console output" [2019-01-28 16:34:13 +0000] [3...
    Accepted Answer: Greetings! Great question. There are many schools of thought and preferences on this. What I consider to be the more professional approach is to create a systemd script for starting it up and then having it write any ...
    1 By imuriel Applications Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
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    cant connect to my ftp remotely

    hi, im trying to stablish my ftp server, i have already installed vsftpd and the configurations are stablished, im not using secure ftp for now, i just want to stablis the connection via filezilla my vsftpd.conf is...
    1 By imuriel Firewall Ubuntu