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    Centos CWP WordPress Help

    Hello, Could someone please point me in the direction. I'm not sure what happened but I've had a cascade of issues happen. Yesterday everything was working and today, pretty much nothing works. Domain: www.bridgetsara...
    1 By indigobsk CentOS WordPress Control Panels Server Optimization
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    Digital Ocean Firewall Port Forwarding

    Hello, I've managed to secure website I believe with the increasing support from Digital Oceans Firewall so the website is accessible, but doing this has shut off access to server access (SSH), including ports 2083, a...
    Accepted Answer: Hey @indigobsk, I don't think that this is yet possible with the DigitalOcean firewalls, but it sounds like a great idea, it'd be super useful! The best thing to do to get your voice heard regarding this would be to h...
    1 By indigobsk Networking WordPress CentOS
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    journalctl command shows no logs

    I tried the same the other day and got no idea why it wouldn’t work, but what I did manage to find was the logs are in /var/logs/ a…
    By indigobsk
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    Nginx Server unable to start up due to issues with conf?

    Last week I had setup Nginx fully and as far as I knew it was working, until I tried using gunicorn which I had no success with Gunicorn in the end. Then I noticed issues with DOSS attacks coming in and i am unsure if...
    3 By indigobsk Nginx