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    App Platform priorities and roadmaps

    Hi! I was just wondering how the App Platform is prioritized at Digital Ocean at the moment. Here is my reasoning for asking: I know there are a lot of requested features. e.g. allowing the App Platform as a trusted ...
    Accepted Answer: 👋 @internettum Thanks for reaching out! You guessed right, we are working on some pretty big features that will all be coming out in the near future. I can't give you exact release dates, but you should see some annou...
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    Gitlab support in App Platform

    Hi! Congrats on the App Platform release. Looks good! I see on the blogpost that one of the upcoming features is gitlab and bitbucket support Support for GitLab and Bitbucket so that you can deploy code from your repo...
    18 By internettum DigitalOcean App Platform Git