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    Backup Unbuntu to Google Drive using Duplicati

    @Robert303 I do have Zapier but didn’t know DO and available “zaps” for them, I’ll look into it. I did actually figure out a wa…
    By iseehow
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    Backup Unbuntu to Google Drive using Duplicati

    I'm looking for any good resources to back up Ubuntu to my drive account using Duplicati. I've done a few searches but haven't found any in great detail that isn't using the UI. Would love to see an DO article on this...
    2 By iseehow Backups DigitalOcean Articles
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    Pre-Configure Server Stacks

    I thought I remember a comment in the DO KB that mentioned a website that had pre-configured stacks, for example owncloud on unbuntu, or magneto with mongodb and nginx etc. I can't for the life of me remember or find ...
    1 By iseehow