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    All Laravel routes "not found" on nginx

    Hello, when I try to access my test app, just the index route works: If I try to access another route, like: I got 404 error. My nginx app file: ``` server { listen 80; ...
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    502 Bad Gateway - Ghost APP and Nginx

    Now, maybe, i found the solution, but i don’t know why. I deleted PM2 and installed Forever, guess what, WORKS!
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    502 Bad Gateway - Ghost APP and Nginx

    Hello, I'm getting the 502 bad gateway with my ghost application. I have researched all over the internet and I found no answers for this. My Ghost config.js: ``` var path = require('path'), config; config = { ...
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    How to setup a server with PHP and Node.js?

    Hello, I'm new in DO and i'm trying to configure my server for deploy some apps. I would like to set my DNS in my domain and redirect to my app in DO. And another thing, an app can run Node or PHP. For example: app1.d...
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