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    How do you properly set up a subdomain

    First, thanks for the elaborate answer. There were quite a few snags here: I already have an NGINX server running with a si…
    By jansensan
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    How do you properly set up a subdomain

    I have a domain set up, and a website that runs properly on it currently. I want to add a subdomain which will run a Node.js server to server as an API. Here are the things I tried so far: Added an A record with the s...
    2 By jansensan Node.js
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    502 Bad Gateway error after rebooting

    This week I SSHed into my droplet, and there was a message asking to reboot for security. So I ran the reboot command, and when the droplet was available again I ensured to restart the service I needed for my site. Ev...
    1 By jansensan Nginx Node.js