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    Transferred DNS management away from DigitalOcean. Should I delete the records?

    I recently transferred my DNS management back to Namecheap from DigitalOcean because I wanted to be able to use an email forwarding feature that Namecheap only allows if DNS records are managed by Namecheap. Everythin...
    1 By JarrettD5309 DNS
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    MX records not showing on DO cPanel but Mailgun is still working?

    Hello! I recently set up a Mailgun account and attached it to my domain info at Namecheap. Eventually I deployed the project to DigitalOcean, so DO is currently managing the domain name information. I do not see the ...
    2 By JarrettD5309 Email DNS
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    Adding .env file to DigitalOcean Ubuntu droplet

    I am deploying an MERN application to DigitalOcean for the first time. I've previously always deployed my apps via Heroku. I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle the variables in the .env file. Is it okay to ...
    1 By JarrettD5309 Node.js React