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    How can a CICD system pull an image form a digitaloncean registry?

    Can a system without doctl pull an image from a DO registry? If so what is used for the username / password combination? I ask because I'd like to pull using bitbucket pipelines. Thx.
    1 By jasonleach Docker Container
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    Why does my LoadBalancer become disconnected?

    I have a DO load balancer (LB) in front of my k8s cluster. When an upgrade is done on the cluster my LB gets into a state where it thinks all the nodes are down. Thanks in Advance.
    1 By jasonleach Load Balancing
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    Why do my databases disappear after deployments?

    I have a 1 replica PostgreSQL (alpine:latest) instance running. It works great but every time I do a deployment or every time I scale to 0 then back to 1 pod my database disappears. When I look in the logs I see that ...
    1 By jasonleach PostgreSQL
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    Does a lodbalancer pass encrypted or unencrypted traffic?

    When I put a DO loadbalancer in front of a k8s cluster, does the k8s reverse proxy receive HTTP or HTTPS requests? Or another way, does the loadbalancer unencrypt everything and just forward the equivalent HTTP reques...
    1 By jasonleach Load Balancing Arch Linux
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    Why is cilium given 30% of a nodes CPU on a Kubernets cluster?

    I noticed that the cilium pods are generously provisioned on a DO k8s cluster. It seems a little excessive provision 30% of the CPU with no upper limit. Given it's a Go project, and they're usually quite performant, t...
    1 By jasonleach Kubernetes Debian
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    What is etcd-0 on my Kubernetes cluster?

    Hi, When I run kubectl get cs I see etcd-0 running. Is this etcd the shared k/v store or is it something else? I ask because even though I see the service I don't see any indication that I can interact with it. consol...
    1 By jasonleach Kubernetes Ubuntu
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    Can not get Loadbalancer to health state.

    So I fixed this by changing the ingress service to use NodePort. Apparently ClusterIP is meant for internal communication only.
    By jasonleach
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    Does a Loadbalancer need to be created from within Kubernets?

    Hi, When adding a Loadbalancer to a Kubernets cluster does it need to be added from a YAML file or can it be added from the Web UI? Any advantage to either way? I notice that when I add it via YAML my droplets health ...
    1 By jasonleach Kubernetes Load Balancing
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    Can not get Loadbalancer to health state.

    Hi, I'm trying to use Traefik as an ingress controller for k8s; this is the docs ( I'm following. I added my own config to this for the /ping health-check endpoint. I can...
    1 By jasonleach Kubernetes Arch Linux