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    DigitalOcean DNS - Where is the Redirect/ALIAS DNS Record?

    I'm trying to redirect www. URL to non-www. but I do not see a Redirect or ALIAS DNS record option any where. How can I redirect my website/app using DNS?
    4 By jasonsaeho
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    Occasional 502 Bad Gateway When Uploading

    Thank you EpicCDN, I’m actually using Node.JS and the app is a Meteor.JS app. And the uploads are happening via whatever way Gra…
    By jasonsaeho
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    Occasional 502 Bad Gateway When Uploading

    Hello, I'm new to running and maintaining my own server. I noticed that in my web app, uploading images at a fast speed (i.e. consecutively without waiting for the previous images to finish uploading) sometimes causes...
    2 By jasonsaeho