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    input requests Monitoring

    Hi, I'm using ubuntu 16.04 and configured LEMP on it. Now I want to monitor my domain plus all sub-domains traffic. Is there any tools to monitor daily domain ( with all subdomains) visit, average domain traffic at th...
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    how to find each process details of MySQL?

    Hi , I have a problem with my MySQL. I've about 10 MySQL processes which totally consumed 360% of my CPU usage. WOW!! so it causes overloading in my OS. I want to find the detail information of each MySQL process s...
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    Problem on remote MySQL DB server connection

    @jtittle, @vijaykumarmaurya Finally, I just found the result. On the database server, I create two users: CREATE USER ...
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    Problem on remote MySQL DB server connection

    Hi Digital Oceans, I've two ubuntu 16.04 server configured with this tutorial. The first one (Called A) is the MySQL DB server and the second one (Called B) is the Laravel based server. I wanna use server A as DB of ...
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    PhpMyAdmin got 404 not found error on nginx ubuntu 16.04

    Hello Digital Oceans, I'm using ubuntu 16.04 and configured LEMP with this tutorial ( on it. I tried to...
    Accepted Answer: @javadroid The symlink created in that guide points to /usr/share/nginx/www while your root directive points to another directory. Unless you specify another location block, NGINX doesn't technically know that the di...
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