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    I got over 3k fail2ban emails

    @jschwenn thanks for the tip. I m still learning linux command.I have tried changing it on /etc/ssh/sshd_config but , many request …
    By Jayvicson
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    I got over 3k fail2ban emails

    Please advice on what to do next? all the attempting IPs are from different . Should I just keep watching or what can i do to kill their attempts?
    2 By Jayvicson Security DigitalOcean Joomla
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    Confused over setting SPF when someone spams with my domain

    I have a Digital ocean Joomla Ubuntu VPS. I use Zoho for my emails and Sendgrid SMTP to mail users. I got a spam mail on Zoho from I have been trying to setup SPF but dont know what exact paramete...
    1 By Jayvicson Joomla
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    Joomla -Less Parser - Cannot save the source map

    I do get the following error when installing Joomla template into digital ocean Ubuntu server. Less Parser - Cannot save the source map to "/var/www/html/templates/jm-joomclassifieds-ef4/css/" The Page you ...
    1 By Jayvicson Joomla DigitalOcean Ubuntu