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    Can fail2ban on privately networked droplet use exim on other droplet

    Using Exim on Droplet 1 with FQDN to send myself rootkit hunter and fail2ban updates via gmail SMPT. I would like to run fail2ban on a droplet 2 privately networked to droplet 1. Droplet 2 has SRV record xmpp.domain...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @jbdough Yes, you can setup Exim on Droplet2, and configure it to relay to Droplet1. So more or less the same as you've done with the Gmail SMTP on Droplet1, but instead of relaying directly to Gmail on Droplet2, ...
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    midnight commander file manager

    heyas all - I've been running Linux on my local machines for almost 10 years, and am just now venturing out from shared hosting to VPS. I used the DO tutorials for a long time before spinning up my first droplet. ...
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