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    Why does return 301 send me to a 414 Request?

    I have a main domain and a subdomain. I want all traffic to redirect to my subdomain. I have been trying to use return 301 and also rewrite in my nginx.conf for my default domain, but every time I do instead of the ur...
    1 By jchud13 Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Domain returns 502 bad gateway, why can I no longer connect

    I was trying to set up a sub domain when suddenly I can no longer connect to my primary domain. I have a server set up with nginx. I am still learning this whole process and would really appreciate some help in what t...
    1 By jchud13 Apache
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    unable to connect with SSH

    I configured my droplet to set up for ssh by adding my public key into the droplet UI. Whenever I attempt to ssh in by pasting the private key I get an accessed denied error. I have not been able to log into my drople...
    2 By jchud13 DigitalOcean