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    Clean URL for html & php with nginx lemp

    I used the lemp install and cannot get a good answer to remove the extension .html or php of the url. Any help would be great :)
    1 By jeff781158 PHP Nginx
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    private networking for databse server or public network

    Hello all I am curious if I separate my database to another server then my webserver and use private networking Do I need to get a ssl certificate for my mysql server? Or because its private networked in it wouldn't r...
    1 By jeff781158 MySQL Configuration Management
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    installed LEMP with ubuntu 14. PHP is not showing on webpages

    Everything is working but I cannot get php code to show on any page. when I go to my info.php page it shows just fine.. my root folder is the stock inginx at /usr/share/nginx/html. under the info.php variables page ...
    1 By jeff781158